Want To Learn How To Trade Forex From Home?

If you are a person that wants to join the ranks of millions of people world-wide who trade forex from home, then this is the place to get started.

Why forex instead of stocks, penny stocks or options?

Simply, you don’t need as much money to get started, you don’t have to buy expensive difficult software that has a long learning curve, and there are only 28 currency pairs to choose from, instead of the thousands of stocks that you need to learn the background of before you can choose what to trade, or run the expensive software to help you select what to trade.
So forex is easier to get involved with, period.
You can start trading forex with only $100 (not recommended), but at least it isn’t thousands of dollars needed to get started like with stocks or options.  And training is easy via videos.
Intro to Green Tomatoes For Newbies

Learning how to set up and use the free MT4 trading platform is where newbies need to start.

I provide various basic necessary ‘getting started’ videos to help make the first step easier, which is choosing a forex broker and setting up your MT4 trading platform and how to trade with it.

Newbies Forex Trading System

Next, newbies need a good trading system that is not complex to learn or understand. If you are brand new to forex trading, I made my Green Tomatoes for Newbies just for you!

Please visit my Green Tomatoes for Newbies Facebook page, give it a big LIKE and download my FREE PDF to learn how to get started with the Green Tomatoes for Newbies trading system:


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