Easy Gardening With Straw Bales

Gardening with Straw Bales is easier if you hate pulling weeds or making raised beds. Love to garden? Learn how to use straw bales!




Learn How to Straw Bale Garden!

Do you love to garden but hate pulling weeds and building raised beds?

Gardening with Straw Bales is easier, check it out:

I love the concept of gardening with straw bales. It’s great. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a quick way to get a garden going without worrying about improving the soil. You could consider straw bale gardening a form of composting and gardening simultaneously. The soil beneath a pile of rotten  straw improves marvelously after a year or so, leaving a patch of humus-rich earthworm-populated earth.

Straw bales, not hay bales are what we use for straw bale gardening.  The straw has tubular stalks which stores water and allows the quick internal composting action to occur.

gardening with straw bales

Yet if that straw came from a field that was sprayed with one or more persistent herbicides such as Grazon™ or CleanWave™ or Roundup™, the vegetables in your straw bale gardens will be wrecked. Not only that, you can’t even compost the contaminated straw because the toxins (usually aminopyralid or its cousin clopyralid) stick around and will destroy whatever ends up with the resulting compost.

So, it’s extremely important to use only pesticide/herbicide-free straw, grown organically, as it takes up to 7 years for the chemicals to breakdown and can ruin your garden in the meantime.

Unless you can verify that the fields from which your straw was harvested weren’t sprayed within the last three years or so with persistent herbicides, you’re risking a lost gardening year . . . or more!

The solution is not to give up mulching and composting but to become discriminating and discerning about the source. Try to source straw bales from a certified organic farmer.  Try to buy year old bales that he wants to get rid of for the new hay crop to go in his barn. Since you would be buying leftovers, you should get certified organic straw for the price of conventional straw.

One should always do their homework when starting a project like growing food for ones family. Know where your materials come from and what their practices are. Always use straw bales sourced from a reliable farm grown organically.  If the straw bales have a few weeds growing in them, they are probably ok to use.

gardening with straw bales

Learn how to garden with straw bales here:


And last but not least, why we love to garden!:

Gardening with Straw Bales is easier if you hate pulling weeds or making raised beds. Love to garden? Learn how to use straw bales!


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