Easiest WordPress Theme For Simple Membership Sites


Wordpress Theme Membership Sites

Looking for a super simple Membership Site Setup?

Making Membership Sites With The Socrates Theme

The 3 Minute Membership Site

Watch this video of Dan making a membership site in 3 minutes:

The THREE Minute Membership Site

If you’re looking for a clean responsive fast simple WordPress theme for making membership sites or even 1-5 page niche websites, the Socrates Theme beats them all.

Socrates is the perfect starter theme for any project.

The BEST WordPress Theme for making 1-5 page niche sites and simple Membership Sites is the Socrates Theme.

The reason it’s so popular is that it’s so easy to set up, even a complete newbie could create a site in 10 minutes.

Build Funnels, Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Member Sites & More.

Included with the theme is a very special plugin that is the Socrates Toolkit.  On the next page you can read more about it.  Some people buy the Socrates Theme just for the Toolkit plugin, it’s that great.

Read More About It Here

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