Tink’s Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video

Tink's Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video

Tink’s Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video will safely, gently and lovingly, bring you to a relaxed place where you feel confident and happy.


Achieving a happy and healthy confident feeling of success has never been easier if you use Tink Serval’s Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video for health, happiness and abundance.

Cynthia Introduces Tink Serval

Please let me introduce Tink Serval, the wonderful voice and personality who will guide you through your meditation to align your subconscious and conscious mind with powerful positive affirmations so that your life can improve on a daily basis.

Abundance Guided Meditation Video
Tink Serval, Ballet Dancer, Guided Meditation Expert and Holistic Life Coach


Written by Tink and Cynthia and narrated by Tink, our Guided Meditation Video for health, happiness and abundance is designed to bring you into a Zen state, gently and safely, and will rapidly improve your life and increase your health and happiness and prosperity, in all forms.
Achieving this Zen state is the secret all successful individuals and entreprenuers share.

This simple technique has been my secret for years, and I keep using it, as it is the key to my successful, relatively stress-free life.

Using it daily has made my life easier, more fun, and … definitely more profitable. I am delighted to share it with you, and I know from experience, that when you use it daily and consistently, for only 9 minutes a day, it will rapidly improve your life skills and success, and bring you the happiness and prosperity and time freedom that you desire.

Every aspect of your life will benefit by taking the time to sit down for this little moment of daily Zen training… deep relaxation is the key!

Achieving your financial success and freedom has never been easier if you use my secret tool:

Tink’s Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video

It gently puts you into a relaxed state and different positive affirmations are spoken to you directly and lovingly, thus facilitating your state of mind known to zen-type individuals as being “In The Zone” …. a zen state of complete relaxation and super-conciousness, where learning and behavior modification and results become effortless.

When in a complete state of relaxation, you align yourself with the Source Energy of the universe and all things in your life will improve: your health, your finances, your relationships, your love life, your lifestyle desires, will all prosper happily and be more fulfilling.

Your confidence, positivity and calmness will also grow daily… and you’ll also sleep better at night! Our video brings you the relaxation you need!

Be like Tink, be happy and smell the roses!
Abundance Guided Meditation Video
Tink being happy and smelling the roses!


This powerful Guided Meditation will help you become a more profitable, successful and happier person, using the best tool available to you: YOUR MIND!

Learn to use your mind and emotions to build up a deep belief in your confidence, discipline and focus, the three most important qualities all successful individuals have in common.

Shift your mind, your thinking. Shift your life.



Science has proven that you’ll only attract what you keep focusing on. So focus on being happy now! What are you waiting for?!

One of the greatest sages of the 19th Century, Abdu’l-Baha (The Master, The Servant of The Glory, son of Baha’u’llah, the Prophet/Founder of The Baha’i Faith, admired by Kahil Gibran and was the inspiration of the book ‘The Prophet’) gave us words of wisdom from the Universal Divine Mind: “If we are not happy and joyous at this season, for what other season shall we wait and for what other time shall we look?” He also said: “Man is, in reality, a spiritual being, and only when he lives in the spirit is he truly happy.”

Start by visualizing yourself as a happy, grateful, prosperous and successful person and soon you’ll be living it! You’ll start feeling and acting like one, and therefore you’ll continue to attract more abundance directly into your life!

Here is an affirmation you can say on a daily basis, to facilitate your sense of peace of mind in the varying conditions of your life:

“I believe that the Divine Universal Mind is constantly working on my behalf to bring me what I need, at all times and under all conditions, whether it be material or spiritual, and my trust in this process is growing daily. As my trust grows, so does my happiness and peace of mind.”

If you feel you need help in visualizing yourself as a happy, grateful, prosperous and successful person, then you need to start watching our Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video.

Here are four examples of the powerful gentle affirmations used in The Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video:

“I enjoy my daily relaxation meditation as it increases my confidence and clarity, and makes my life so easy and effortless.”

“I appreciate myself being a happy, calm and confident person.”

“I love the ease in which money comes to me, effortlessly, now.”

“I am surrounded by peace and prosperity, my relaxation allows abundance, health and happiness to flow and grow in my life…. the smile on my face increases by the minute.”

The affirmations in the video start with “I am” …, “I enjoy” …, “I love” …, “I appreciate” … all positive personal first-person messages that by-pass the negative dis-believing gate keeper which is your conscious mind and allows your subconscious to align with the positive messages and create or manifest that which you desire to have or be.

Cynthia and Tink offer you a FREE 2 minute snippet from our full 9 minute Guided Meditation Video For Happier Abundance, to help you kickstart your positive visualization experience.

Please click the image below to access your FREE 2 minute snippet guided meditation video that you can come back daily to use:

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Achieving your happiness & success has never been easier if you use Cynthia's secret tool: The Guided Meditation Video for Happier Abundance.
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