Cynthia and Tink Present: ‘The Incredible Lightness Of Being: The Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video’


The Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video

About Us

Tink and Cynthia have both lived in the Cancun beach area for 10 years and have been friends since meeting several years ago.

Cynthia was blessed with Tink’s friendship when she was going through a rough patch in life after her husband suddenly passed on from pneumonia complications, and this is how Cynthia knows first-hand how loving and helpful and uplifting Tink’s friendship can be… and why she is recommending Tink as a Life Coach for any individual or couple or group that needs special support or help.

About Tink Serval


Tink is a Holistic Life Coach, Guided Meditation Expert, Performer, Ballet Dance Instructor and Personal Trainer, and the creator of: Tinkiology & The Peace Makers Project.

Her mission and forte: to help us raise our awareness to our true essence as eternal energy beings having a temporary physical experience, and to find more joy and peace in that awareness.



She enjoys sharing her knowledge, reminding us how to live from this awareness, in a simple, playful and practical way by bringing more laughter, lightness, ease and abundance into our life.

Tink feels that world peace depends on our understanding of what absolute inner peace means, how it ripples in and mirrors in the ‘external world’.

This magical yet simple process will bring us all into a strong sense of oneness and happier collaborations. La vie est belle!

Tink grew up in Paris, France where her father was a very popular handsome heart-throb stage and TV actor… obviously where she gets her performance talent and dramatic flair!  Her mother was a beautiful fashion model and is where Tink gets her love of beauty and personal artistic expression.

She started her journey as a professional dancer, model, ballet and Graham teacher, personal trainer and choreographer. She has studied and performed in Europe, USA and Mexico.

While living in London, Tink won a scholarship to the Mime Centre, for all performing arts, by Adam Darious. She majored in improv, expressive mime, Comedia del Arte, choreography, stage and costume design, and hair and make up.

The Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video
Ballet dancer Tink on a Caribbean beach!


Since then she has danced, choreographed and trained others for stage and television, worldwide.

Tink is bi-lingual in French and English, fluent in Spanish and Dutch, and getting by with a few more.

She has lived and worked in countless countries, always enjoying an adventure that keeps her mind open to all cultures and other ways of thinking.



Despite the success, she chose to keep her projects small, allowing her the joy of raising her daughter, to study… and… smell the roses.

The Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video
Tink happily smelling the roses!


Tink is truly an intelligent, warm, talented and passionate uplifter, teacher and entertainer, using her many skills and intuition to coach and treat wherever she happens to be, offering online guidance sessions as well.

She uses her knowledge from the arts, especially ballet, to explain how energy works.




Alongside her performing career, Tink followed her life-long burning passion for “The Meaning of Life”, vowing to become a “cosmic Sherlock Holmes”.

Over the years she has studied Body & Energy Work, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Cranio-Sacral Manipulation, Meditation, Holistic Life Coaching, Hypnotism, Guided Imagery, Mysticism and Theoretical Quantum Physics.

Her one-on-one consultations and workshops are unique, as she sees everyone as already whole and healthy.

She combines her highly professional skills with a warm, kind, laid-back atmosphere, allowing you to feel totally safe and un-judged, resulting in an accelerated expansion in consciousness and alignment with Source energy… hence, her aim is accomplished very quickly.

Tink: “My goal is that one session be sufficient, by helping you create such a strong knowing-ness of your true ‘I Am’ self, and a heightened sense of joy, by giving you easy and fun tools to continue getting your guidance straight from your Source. I believe that as more people on the planet choose to master the art of ‘inner peace’ and practice it daily, it will change the world.”



Cynthia and Tink together have created a short 2 minute complimentary introductory to:

The Happier Abundance Guided Meditation Video

… it’s a short snippet of the full 9 minute ‘The Incredible Lightness Of Being: A Guided Meditation Abundance Video’.

When in a complete state of relaxation, you align yourself with the Source of the universe and all things in your life will improve. Your finances, your relationships, your love life, your lifestyle desires, will all prosper happily and be more fulfilling. Your confidence, positivity and calmness will also grow daily… and you’ll also sleep better at night! Our videos bring you the relaxation you need!

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Tink is available for individual online consultation or group offline workshops based on her theme: 

‘The Incredible Lightness Of Being’

If you are interested in discussing your individual or group needs with Tink, please start the process by clicking the image above to gain access to the FREE 2 minute snippet Happier Abundance video.

Tink is happy to make initial consultations via Skype and is available to provide online consultations, and in the event that a group would like to hire her for an offline workshop, she can travel to the group workshop destination…. details can be arranged.

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